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Search Tips

Don't forget the object is to get the information you need without losing your eyesight. The better you can describe the item you are looking for the fewer 'hits' you will receive which improves your success in finding what you need on the first few pages. The hints below may help you to narrow your search adventure.

A few search engines 
and search databases.
  • Specific Keywords - Think about your topic
    and use keywords that are as unique to your topic as possible. The stronger the keyword
    the fewer hits it will yield.
  • Quote Your Terms - This will search will
    return pages that contain the exact terms you specified between the quotes.
  • Spelling Counts - Make sure you spell your keywords or phrases correctly.
  • Punctuation Doesn't Count - Search engines do not usually use punctuation. Try removing the apostrophy and the letters that follow it.
  • Check out the help - Make sure to read the
    search engine help pages. Most search engines have "Advanced" searches you can use to cut
    down on the number of pages your search gets. This will help greatly with eye strain.
  • Follow Search Engine Topics - Most
    search engines have catagorized information
    to make it easier to find what you need. Some
    have added locality infomation as well. You may find these avenues turn up what you are searching for.
  • Many Search Engines to Try - Always try
    other search engines if your search is not
    getting you the information you need.

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